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                  Euroasian Jewish News
                  Open Statement of the Vaad of Ukraine
                  14.11.2022, Ukraine
                  Statement of the Presidium of the Vaad of Ukraine
                  31.12.2020, Ukraine
                  Dialogue with Russia more intense now, says Israeli envoy
                  10.06.2020, Russia
                  Tallinn’s Grand Synagogue Celebrates Its Bar-Mitzvah
                  08.06.2020, Jewish Communities
                  Russia's chief rabbi hospitalized with coronavirus
                  08.06.2020, Russia
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                  World Jewish News
                  Palestinian leaders ‘open to talks with Israel via Moscow’
                  04.06.2020, Israel and the World
                  Russia, Egypt Say Israeli Annexation of West Bank Will Spark Regional Violence
                  04.06.2020, Israel and the World
                  Russia warns Israel against expansionist actions
                  21.05.2020, Israel and the World
                  Largest Group of Jewish Immigrants Since Start of Coronavirus Outbreak Expected in Israel
                  24.04.2020, Repatriation
                  Netanyahu and Gantz sign agreement for ‘national emergency government’ that keeps Netanyahu as prime minister for now
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                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part I
                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part II
                  EAJC Congress College Session. Moscow, February 18, 2010.
                  EAJC Congress College Session. Moscow, February 18, 2010.
                  Introduction of the Torah Scroll to the Poklonnaya Gora Synagogue. Moscow, May 10, 2010.
                  World Congress of Russian Press. Israel, May 23, 2010
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                  Appeal of Ukrainian Jews to the Federal Chancellor of Germany
                  08.02.2022, Communities of Eurasia
                  The second appeal of the Ukrainian Jews to the civil society of Ukraine
                  Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich seeks to prevent Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial over Jewish Graves
                  Open Letter to the Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi David Lau from Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich
                  02.12.2020, Heritage
                  Controversies around the Babyn Yar Memorial and Russian money
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                  «Programm Report of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Office in Kiev – 2015»

                  Most of EAJC programs are implemented by the EAJC Directorate (Kiev, Director – EAJC General Council Chairman, Chairman of the Vaad of Ukraine Josef Zissels, Program Director – Mila Braginskaya).